This Trader Joe’s find is (almost) as good as the wine

I waited a long, long time to get a Trader Joe’s in the ‘hood, and it was certainly well worth the wait. I’ve been making regular trips for about a year now, but I never tried any of the personal products until a few weeks ago. I had just handed off my cocoa butter to my mom so I needed a replacement STAT, and I decided to try the Coconut Body Butter.

As with just about everything else at Trader Joe’s, this rich, creamy moisturizer didn’t disappoint. It transforms dry, scaly skin into smooth, supple skin in seconds—and the scent is awesome (if you’re a coconut fan like I am). The flip top is a lot easier to manage than a twist-off with lotion on your hands, so this product gets even more points for that.

This came into my life at just the right time, now that spring has apparently spring and I’ll be wearing more shorts and skirts. It leaves the perfect amount of sheen without feeling greasy, making is a must for the coming months. After seeing how great (and wallet-friendly) this body butter is, I’ll definitely be hitting the Trader Joe’s personal care aisle again—and hard. What are your TJ’s skincare favorites?

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