Tom Ford raises the soap bar

Walk into any of the bathrooms in my house and you’ll immediately notice that I don’t take hand soap very lightly. I die just a little bit inside every time I walk into my son’s bathroom and see his antibacterial Softsoap foam (but I made this exception because he gets upset when “grown-up” soap falls through his fingers as soon as he dispenses it). So the other four bathrooms have either C.O. Bigelow’s Coconut Hand Wash or Savon de Marseille in Fig or Cherry Blossom, simply because I cannot get enough of these scents and they look rather nice on the countertop as well.

I don’t think anyone could have made me stray from these two favorites except Tom Ford. His Neroli Portofino scent is a mainstay in my collection, and I recently found that I can enjoy a little whiff of it every day in the form of the Bath Bar. It gives me multiple doses throughout the day while still allowing me to enjoy my other perfumes.

While $35 might seem like a lot of money for soap, it’s quite a hefty bar and will last for at least a few months (especially if you’re careful not to leave it sitting in a puddle of water). And when placed in a fancy crystal dish, it actually looks a lot nicer than a bottle of liquid soap. So why not treat yourself to a little something luxurious? Oh, and you’ll find this bar also leaves your bathroom oh-so slightly scented with Neroli Portofino… and there’s nothing not to like about that!