Want clear skin? Look to the Dead Sea…

The Dead Sea has been lauded for its healing benefits since, well, forever, and a I’d like to give Ahava a big shout-out for making its miraculous mud widely available no matter in the world you may be. In fact, their hand cream was one of my first fancy beauty obsessions when I was about 19. While I have yet to visit the Holy Land (I’m hoping my son goes for the trip to Israel instead of a major bar mitzvah bash), a bit of the Dead Sea came into my bathroom this past week, and once again I’m enamored with this super-salty body of water, which can do all of our bodies good.

So I went to a new aesthetician for electrolysis (don’t worry, I’m working on a post about my experience) and while I was checking out she suggested I purchase Shira Solar Energy Drying Lotion for the treated area. I was actually taken aback because I assumed I’d be told to apply Neosporin, but when I woke up to a cluster of whiteheads the next morning I understood why.

imageThe next night I heeded her instructions and applied the lotion, which is almost identical to other sulfur-based drying lotions—you know, the ones that are all white and chalky and smell like rotten eggs. (My husband was thrilled.) But this one contains Dead Sea mineral water, which seems to make all the difference. And alas, upon inspection the next morning, all was well in the post-electrolysis world.

Wouldn’t you know I’ve been otherwise blemish-free since purchasing this product, but now I’m armed and ready for the next eruption—and my next electrolysis appointment.

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