When was the last time you replaced your toothbrush?

OK, I don’t cover oral hygiene that often, but I’m a true believer that a healthy, beautiful smile can be your best accessory (especially on days when your hair or complexion isn’t cooperating). I’m blessed to have bright, white teeth that are pretty much in alignment (the result of 10 months of braces over 20 years ago could use a bit of an Invisalign touch-up), and I can proudly say I’ve only had one cavity. While genes certainly play a role, taking care of your smile goes a long way, which is why I’m so into Goodmouth.

Step one for a healthy smile is a good, CLEAN toothbrush. (I’ll admit that remembering to replace it every 3 months can be a challenge.) But with Goodmouth, you can have new toothbrushes delivered for the whole family at the right time so you never have to worry about it again!

First you take a short quiz that determines the best brush for you, because odds are you’re using one that’s the wrong size, too hard or too soft. (They also offer replacement heads for electric toothbrushes if that’s how you roll.) Then you select how often you want them delivered. From there, carry on per usual, and take comfort in the fact that your oral health is covered.

How great is that?

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