You sweet tooth is making you look older!

We all know that wrinkles and other signs of aging like sagging and discoloration are caused by the sun, but there’s sneakier culprit that’s making you look older than you really are: Sugar. When sugar enters the bloodstream, it binds to collagen and elastin, which serve as the supportive structure that keeps skin looking plump, smooth and youthful. In addition to increasing inflammation, free-radical damage and dryness, sugar makes collagen and elastin hard and rigid, and when these fibers break, the result is wrinkles and loss of firmness. This process is known as glycation, and restoring collagen and elastin is harder than you think, which is why prevention is key here. And wouldn’t you know, there’s a high-tech skincare line called MEG 21, and it’s all about preventing glycation with a super-charged ingredient called Supplamine.

Supplamine is comprised of two ingredients, an amino acid that shields collagen and elastin from the ravages of sugar, and an amino sugar that prevents damaging inflammation-causing proteins from forming. Together, these two ingredients offer top-notch anti-aging benefits without irritation, peeling or any negative side effects.

You can find Supplamine in most MEG 21 products, and here’s the lowdown on the specific ones I’ve been using…

Moisturizing Toner: Though I’m not usually a toner person, naturally I wanted to reap the maximum MEG 21 benefits, so I’ve been using this Supplamine-infused tonic morning and night after cleansing. I love the fresh scent and the fact that it doesn’t sting or burn—and that it helps ensure that I’ve removed every last trace of dirt, makeup and sunscreen.

Smooth Radiance Face Treatment: Used morning and night, this moisturizer is the cornerstone of the MEG 21 regimen, and clinical studies show it increases moisture and firmness while reducing the appearance of wrinkles in less than two weeks. In real life, it leaves skin looking plump, radiant, healthy and visibly younger-looking.

Cell Therapy Antioxidant Boost: After sunscreen, a daily antioxidant is the most important anti-aging product to use. More of a lotion than a serum, I absolutely fell in love with this product (and was disappointed that I only had a few samples!). In addition to Supplamine, it contains Indian gooseberry and grapeseed to neutralize free radicals, and it’s great for soothing irritation and redness.

Bright & Firm Eye Treatment: Eye cream is essential as well, and beyond preventing glycation with Supplamine, this rich cream also goes to work on puffiness and dark circles. Personally, I found it to be a bit heavy for the morning, but I finished these samples after just a few nights.

Age-Defying Hand Treatment: Offering the same anti-aging Supplamine benefits as the facial skincare products, this hand cream was a real bonus. Designed to hydrate, preserve skin elasticity and even out skin tone, it’s front-and-center on my desk so I remember to use it a few times a day. (Remember, this area is particularly prone to accelerated aging since we often forget to apply sunscreen and antioxidants to our hands!)

I know you have an endless array of skincare options, but if you’re serious about staving off signs of aging, I suggest stopping glycation in its tracks with MEG 21! (Find a retailer near you here.) Has anyone else tried it???