You’ll get a big hand for this holiday gift

A woman (or man) can never have enough hand cream, right? I like to keep a tube stashed in all the places I spend a lot of time (i.e. my office, on my nightstand, in the kitchen and, of course, in my handbag). It’s safe to say I’ve tried more than my fair share, and while some don’t meet my high standards (too greasy, not greasy enough, bad scent, etc.), one brand ALWAYS does, and it’s L’Occitane.


Available in big tubes, small tubes and a nearly endless array of scents, these hand creams offer just the right amount of skin-smoothing moisture without leaving hands so greasy that it’s impossible to get anything done. I recently received a gift set of three small tubes, and believe it or not they’re all just about gone (even the one I gave to the hubs). There’s still time to get your hands on one of L’Occitane’s gift sets, and whether you’re Secret Santa-ing or stocking stuffing, I’m willing to bet you’ll get a soft, smooth high five for this gift.

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