A cool new cleansing tool to try

What did we do before cleaning brushes? Oh yeah, we washed our faces with our hands, a washcloth, or even a Buf-Puf (who remembers those)? It may seem like Clarisonic has this segment of the beauty market cornered, but guess what kids… There’s a new kid on the cleansing-brush block, and it’s called the Foreo Luna.

Hailing from Sweden (hence the sleek design), the Luna harnesses the power of transdermal sonic pulsations (similar to Clarisonic) to deep clean the skin gently yet effectively. It comes in three colors for different skin types (ultra-sensitive, normal/sensitive and combination) plus a Luxe version (with a fancy gold base) and a device made just for men. Not only does it look pretty cool next to your sink, you get 450 uses from a single charge. It’s also waterproof so you can use it in the shower, and its small size makes it perfect for travel (there’s a mini version, too).

But the real beauty of this tool is that there’s no actual brush. Instead, it has an area of textured silicone nubs that massage away dirt, makeup and debris—which eliminates the potential for bacterial growth on your brush (when was the last time you cleaned your Clarisonic brush head)? The Luna also has an anti-aging mode in addition to cleansing mode. Just flip the brush over and use the ribbed side to boost circulation and lymph flow, which will give you a radiant glow and help send any puffiness on its way.

I’ve had the Luna for a few weeks now and it’s been a welcome addition to my routine. I get my cleanser started with my hands then let the palm-sized device take it from there. It gives you a brief pause when it’s time to switch areas, but it doesn’t shut off at the end of the cycle like the Clarisonic, so you can keep going if you wish. I will say the shape makes it a bit challenging to get into tight spots like the sides of my nose, but all in all, it’s a fantastic way to take your cleansing to another level.

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