A DIY treatment for smooth spring soles

Last spring, I was obsessed with Baby Foot. Obsessed like did it twice. Back to back. Let’s just say my husband didn’t exactly love me sitting on the couch in front of the TV peeling layer upon layer off my feet, so I’ve been searching for other means of seriously resurfacing my feet. (I refuse to use a razor when I get a pedicure.)

Then the Clarisonic Pedi happened. Apparently I don’t have the same PR pull I used to, and I’m not looking to drop an extra $200 right now, but I’m firm believer that we all deserve super-soft soles—especially with sandal season upon us. That’s when I mustered up my creative energies to find a workaround, and alas, I did.

Beyond the actual manual exfoliation provided by the Clarisonic Pedi Smoothing Disc, the Pedi-Boost peel solution is an integral part of the process. I scooped this up during Sephora’s Friends and Family, and then popped in the body head that came with my almost-vintage Clarisonic Pro (which has gone unused until now). 

Upon reviewing—and revising—the Clarisonic Pedi instructions, I scrubbed my feet like mad with a microdermabrasion-like cream (I won’t divulge the brand for personal/professional reasons), used the body head to usher things along, and then applied the Pedi-Boost and wrapped my feet in Saran Wrap for 30 minutes. The directions didn’t say anything about rinsing before applying foot balm so I didn’t foresee this being as issue. I then applied one of my many majorly hydrating foot balms and slipped on socks for the duration of the night. Low and behold, I had baby-soft feet the next morning, no Clarisonic Pedi investment required. So my sandal-season gift to you is a recipe for smooth soles—with only a $32 investment (so long as you have a Clarisonic and body brush head on hand).

Upside: My hands got really soft, too. Downside: My nail polish got dull. Nothing a coat of topcoat can’t cure!

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