A few of the wackiest Japanese beauty imports out there

Before everyone went batshit for Korean beauty there was Japanese beauty, and the homeland of sushi has a lot more to offer than BabyFoot (but a big thank-you for that one, Japan!). I recently discovered an amazing source for unique gifts, electronics and home goods called Fancy.com, and a “beauty" 
 search yielded quite a few attention-grabbing items, and one seller named "JapaneseTrendShop” has some pretty wacky wares that I couldn’t resist sharing. 

In case you didn’t know a butt-shaping seat cushion was a thing, well it is. Designed to prevent pancake-ass caused by too much sitting, this pad promotes good posture and helps align your spine and pelvis while you sit, in turn (supposedly) keeping your tush muscles taut. Interesting. 

Perhaps you’ve heard about snail slime beauty products, and their purported ability to improve scars, wrinkles and more. Usually found in sheet masks, I came across this bar soap that claims to be infused with the stuff. For $8, I would be willing to give it a try, but maybe not tell everyone what my secret skincare ingredient is. 

I definitely saved the craziest for last, and silly me for resorting to not one, but two nosejobs to get the schnoz of my dreams. This contraption claims to perfect your profile by sending gentle electric vibrations to your nose in an effort to coax it into a higher position in just three minutes a day—no anesthesia or black eyes required. 


So what’s the craziest beauty product or gadget you’ve come across? Or better yet, what’s the craziest beauty product or gadget you’ve actually tried? 

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