You’re a few taps away from recreating any beauty look

Have you ever loved a makeup look so much that you ripped it out of a magazine (or bookmarked it)? I have a whole stack of them that I always forget to take with me when I’m doing a little beauty shopping, so they essentially stack up season after season until I inevitably throw them all away. I’m pleased to say (and share) that those days are over, because thanks to the New GlamScout app, I can find out exactly what I need to create the look in a matter of minutes (online shopping time included). 

Here’s how it works… Snap a photo of the look (or the person wearing it), upload a shot or simply browse the app’s “Featured Looks,” and let GlamScout search through thousands of products from over 100 brands to find the perfect matches (including mass and prestige, so you can set your own budget). As if that weren’t exciting enough, you can also virtually “try-on” each product (or all of them) to see how the look works for you IRL.

I had so much fun playing with this… I snapped a selfie and got suggestions for my eyes, cheeks and lips—and although they weren’t the same products I had used, they were definitely accurate alternative shades. The featured looks were great, too, since they were current celebrity red-carpet shots and I found a handful I’d love to replicate. 

My only fear about this app is that it might make me obsolete, because I always get an influx of emails from friends wanting to know more about celebrity makeup looks the day after a big awards show. But then again, why shouldn’t we all be able to look like our favorite starlet?

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