Target your skin treatment with these mini-masks

Sheet masks are a wonderful to give your skin a little extra TLC, but sometimes getting the placement just right can be a challenge. Even more, the skin on different areas of your face can have different needs—so it might not make sense to use an anti-aging mask on your nose, you know? Enter Kokostar’s Rose Petal Mask and these beauty quandaries go flying out the door.

Hailing from South Korea (natch), these “petals” are essentially smaller sheet-mask pieces that allow you to zero in on spots in need of treatment, rather than cover your entire face. As the name implies, they are shaped like rose petals, and infused with rose extracts that work to plump and hydrate skin on the face, neck, arms, the backs of your hands—or anywhere else for that matter.

In fact, these “petals” (which are also available in “cucumber” and “lemon”) belong to a category called point sheet masks, simply because they are designed to treat smaller areas of the skin. They are made of the same microfiber as full-face sheet masks, and come in formulas designed to hydrate, soothe, brighten and more.

If you’re into multi-masking, these mini-masks are a great way to customize your treatment for different areas of your complexion… What do you think?

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