If you make one beauty splurge this summer, make it this…

Nothing says decadent luxury like anything with Tom Ford’s name on it… I’m grateful that his sunglasses and fragrances are within my reach—and I strive for the day when his shoes, bags and maybe clothing aren’t verboten. Until then, I have Tom Ford Beauty to hold me over because frankly, I’d rather make my own coffee and stay out of Starbucks for a few weeks in exchange for a lipstick.

But when photos of the Tom Ford Summer 2015 Collection began to surface, I couldn’t contain my excitement. I did my research online and happened to be strolling through Neimans one day so I asked when it would be available.  I was informed that pre-order began on April 22 so I marked the date on my calendar. Coincidentally, I was at the mall that day so I placed an order for the Eye and Cheek Palette and the Lip Color Sheer in “Rose Soleil.” And then I waited for the call.

The day I got the call that the products were in was a real crappy one, so I figured popping over to the mall before picking up my son from school would make me feel better, and boy was I right. The lipstick is definitely sheer, but the light wash of color is made a lot more interesting by the gold glimmer. It’s a winner if you like subtle (which is not a word I associate with Tom Ford often) and are looking for something other than a punchy fuchsia or coral this season.

The palette, on the other hand, beyond exceeded my expectations. You get three shadows (a slightly shimmery ivory base, a gold glitter and a plum hue that I’d never think to buy on its own). Surprisingly, you get a lot of versatility. The base color with just a bit of the plum in the contour is perfectly acceptable for day. Then you can add a bit of the gold with your finger to dial it up. Add some serious black eyeliner and you have a seductive evening look. You also get a raspberry blush that looks a lot more natural on the skin than it does in the palette, and light peach-pink that I’ve been using more as a highlighter. All in all, I think this is a lot of Tom Ford bang for your buck for $95—if you can get your hands on one at this point.

Long story short, I have zero regrets about dropping this $150. Who else has tried the summer collection?

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