How I know a scent is meant for me

You know how you can’t help who you fall in love with? I think the same rules apply when falling for a fragrance. You can try to explain it but it’s not that easy. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time pondering this, and at first the only thing I could come up with a visceral reaction. Then I start led to break it down and came up with these key points…

1. I want to wear it even when I’m working from home all day. (”Wasting” it doesn’t even enter into my mind.)

2. It pops into my head when I’m not wearing it.

3. I ask my son and husband and for their opinions. If I’m seriously thinking about committing to a scent, i like them to be on board because it’s going to effect them, too.

If you’re into perfumes–and not the kind that you see in every department store–check out Olfactif. This subscription service sends you three samples each month and trust me, they’re from companies you probably would never discover unless you live in New York City, London or Paris AND sniff every no-name scent in every small boutique you happen to stumble upon. I have bought no less than 5 full-size bottles of fragrances I fell for and each delivery makes me so, so happy.

So I want to know… What makes you buy a new fragrance? 

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