A fun, fast and fabulous mask experience

I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t always have 15 or 20 minutes to let my facial mask dry before getting on with my day. Yes, I understand that relaxation is part of the mask experience, but this is easier said than done. This is why I’ve always had thing for express masks (La Prairie’s 3-Minute Peel is THE BEST), but this is only one reason why Iove StriVectin’s new Oxygen Infusion Smoothing Mask.

Yes, it only requires three to five minutes of your time, but that’s inconsequential once you see how fabulous your skin looks and feels afterwards. Simply smooth on the serum and watch it transform into a veritable party on your face—in the form of effervescent bubbles that tickle and tingle. Once the fizz dies down its time to rinse it off, and I’m sure you’ll be among the 100% of users who feel their skin is smoother.

Beyond the unique sensation, this mask deep-cleans your skin to remove dirt and impurities while beta-hydroxy acids exfoliate and oxygen gives your complexion a major radiance boost. Together, this all contributes to improvement in fine lines and wrinkles, as well as dramatically smoother texture.

While this mask is perfect for when you’re running late—it makes for a super-fun night in, too! Thanks for sending this magnificent mask along, StriVectin!

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