The 90s are really back with this relaunch

As if there was any doubt in our minds that fashion and beauty trends from the 90s are hot again, the re-release of Chanel’s “Vamp” polish puts that to rest. As the hue that irrefutably marked the dawn of the “It Polish,” I absolutely, positively could not not purchase one for myself. It’s en route as we speak, and fingers crossed (no pun intended) it should be in my hands before my manicure on Thursday and I’m beyond excited.


This nail polish is just one piece in the Holiday 2015 collection, which features a bevy of swoon-worthy offerings. I’m also digging the “Signe Particulier” shadow quad, as well as the gilded ruby Gold Sparkle Nail Coat, and I wouldn’t kick the Luminous Lip Colors off my vanity either.

So how far are you willing to go to take your beauty look back to the 90s? Brown lip liner, anyone?

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