This new dry shampoo has taken the top spot on my list of faves

There aren’t enough words to explain my love for dry shampoo, and I can’t even begin to count the number I’ve tried. Despite my experimentation, I always go back to Klorane (both the aerosol and non-aerosol), but there’s a third option that since trying, I will now always need to have on hand.

Aveda’s new shampure dry shampoo just launched, so I’ve had to keep my mouth shut since I received it last month—and believe me, this was no easy feat. I love that it’s non-aerosol (which really makes the bottle last), but the best part is the scent. If you’ve ever sampled Aveda’s products, you know the smell I’m talking about. This is where Aveda has Klorane beat, because when you haven’t washed your hair in three or so days your strands need a little help in this department. 

My only wish is that the bottle was a bit larger, but Aveda makes up for it by offering refills (for $4 less than a new bottle). The dry shampoo might be the best thing that’s happened to me in a while, which is why I recommend that you run—don’t walk—to your nearest Aveda retailer and get this ASAP.

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