A new reason to go red

My hair has spanned the spectrum of colors over the past six months, but there’s one place I haven’t gone: Red. I’m not exactly sure why, but with so many shades, crimson does have a certain allure. (And, no, that is not me in the photo.)

Ask any salon-made redhead and she’ll tell you that color longevity is a major issue. I remember when my friend Sara went from her natural blonde to red many moons ago, and half of her hair color rubbed off on her lavender pashmina over the course of one night. But thanks to technology—and L’Oréal Professionnel’s new INOA Carmilane in particular—fade resistance and has reached new heights.

The secret to this hair color innovation is a multi-dimensional molecule that imparts a bevy of tones in one process and deposits color deep into the hair shaft so it can stick around longer. Even more, there’s no unpleasant odor—and you can expect your vibrant color to last for six weeks. (For even more staying power, add on the Cristalceutic treatment before heading home.) To find an INOA salon near you, click here.

So this begs the question… Should I ring in 2015 as a redhead?

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