A surf spray that gives your hair just-from-the-beach texture AND sun protection

Beachy waves are my hair holy grail, and once in a while I manage to get it right. (Other times I have no other choice than to wear a hat for the next few days). I’m not 100% why I can’t seem to get this style down pat, but I’ve recently come to accept the fact that platinum blonde might have something to do with it. If I use a surf spray and let my hair air-dry, the result is usually frizz. But if I use surf spray, blow-dry with my fingers and then add a few twists and turns with a curling iron, voila! And I thank Sun Bum Beach Formula Sea Spray for this revelation.

Truly everything you would want in a surf spray, this tropical-smelling mist delivers volume, frizz control and the texture that you can only get from a day at the beach. Formulated with Hawaiian black lava (not sure what that does), sea salt, sea kelp and seaweed, it leaves your hair with a matte (as opposed to shiny) finish and with these aforementioned ingredients it’s the closest thing to dunking your head in the ocean—or filling up a spray bottle with sea water before heading home.

More than just a styling product, be sure to throw it in your beach bag (and use it) to protect your hair from color-fading and damage caused by the sun!