The secret to sexy, post-beach hair any time of year

We hate our hair when it’s squeaky clean, and we actually plan our shampooing for a day or two before a meeting, party or event where we want our hair to look its best. While some gals may reach for a smoothing or shine-enhancing product for their freshly-washed tresses, we turn to Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray for a little messy, piecey texture every time. We found ourselves running low a few weeks ago, and it just so happened our new salon carries the entire Oribe line—so we decided to try something new: Aprés Beach Wave and Shine Spray. Since we don’t strive for stick-straight strands (it just happens naturally) the idea of a little wave initially prompted us to pick up this product. Add some shine to that sexy texture and, heck, we’re all in.

We first used this spray on dry hair, and it definitely got the job done—minus the slightly dull appearance we get from the Dry Texturizing Spray or a dry shampoo. (Keep in mind we’re blonde, so that never really poses a problem for us.) But after a few days of use, we realized this spray can be used on wet hair as well, which opened up a whole new world. A little spritz before allowing our hair to air-dry yielded even better results. And using it before blow-drying prevented the puffiness that plagues us immediately after washing and styling.

So will we replace our Dry Texturizing Spray with Aprés Beach Wave and Shine Spray? No, because we can’t live without our first love. But we’ll certainly have both products on hand at all times, because a girl needs options.

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