Tousled texture is just a spray away

Over the past year or so, styling our hair has become a science. After a wash and a blow every two or three days, we have figured out exactly how to replace the day-one squeaky-clean look and feel we hate with the piecey, messy texture we’ve come to love. In addition to dry shampoo to help rough things up, Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray has been a go-to (and a rather pricy one at that). But as luck would have it, fate stepped in just as our can came to an end—in the form of a delivery from Blow Pro, the product line created by the eponymous New York City blowout bar. Well, it turns out their new Textstyle Dry Texture Spray picked up right where Oribe left off, and it just may have taken our beloved’s place for good.

Why is this spray so great? Because it’s super-light and it does its job without any powdery or greasy residue (this is major). It also helps us avoid that cakey look and feel, so a little brushing and a little more spray on day 2 (or even day 3) is all it takes to freshen up. The separation we get is second to none, and it also comes in handy for fine hair that needs a volume boost. The verdict: Whether you have limp locks or you want a little more messy, sexy texture, this spray is worth a shot.

Soothe dry skin naturally—and raise funds for BCA!