Soothe dry skin naturally—and raise funds for BCA!

We’ll admit that we’re not wearing head-to-toe pink for the month of October, but we’re doing our part for Breast Cancer Awareness by stocking up on our favorite products that are making charitable donations—and promoting as many BCA products as we can. A few months back we professed our love for The Organic Pharmacy, and we were super-excited to learn that they’ve thrown their hat into the Breast Cancer Awareness ring with Ultra Dry Skin Cream.

Possibly the most intense hydration you can get, dry and itchy skin doesn’t stand a chance against this super-duper-rich cream. Packed with evening primrose, tamanu, neem and rose hip, it offers instant relief and prevents dryness from coming back. You it anywhere on your body where skin is thirsty, and watch soft, supple skin reappear right before your eyes. It’s great for hands, feet, elbows and other spots that are especially prone to roughness—and it’s even gentle enough for babies. So stock up before the end of October so The Organic Pharmacy can donate $1 from each tube sold to the Breast Cancer Fund!

The lip color you need with the BCA donation you want

Tousled texture is just a spray away