A trip to Tahiti in a bottle

After spending this past weekend soaking up the sun, I’m in total beach mode. My part-bottle-bronzed and part-naturally-tanned legs mean I have shorts lined up for the week, and my Smell Bent St. Tropez Dispenser is in the front row on my perfume tray. This state of mind usually calls for NARS Monoi Body Glow and its intoxicating tropical scent as well, but I came across an alternative that’s both easier to apply and a fraction of the price: C. Booth Tahitian Monoi Dry Oil Spray.

Like moisturizer and perfume in one, this $8 find might just be the only body product you need this summer. The super-light oil sinks into the skin is seconds, leaving a gorgeous gleam and delightful long-lasting fragrance. The mist bottle makes it a cinch to apply and eliminates the inevitable mess or waste that usually accompanies pouring an oil into the palm of your hand.  

Even though I just got back from a getaway this past weekend, I’m having beach withdrawal already—but this oil just might be enough to hold me over until my Jamaica trip in June!

Oops, I did it again...