Oops, I did it again...

It’s true… Once you go “plat” you never go back. Yes, after tip-toeing around going full-on platinum again for the past six months, I bit the bullet and did it last week. The downside of waiting so long: It took four freaking hours. But after the first bleach-out and toner, then a second bleach-out and toner, and finally the Olaplex treatment (which BTW is a LIFESAVER for any highlighted or bleached blonde), we got just the milky hue I wanted.

The first thing I did when I got home was bust out the necessary products. These are the hydrating big guns that (I hope) will prevent all of my hair from breaking off.

1.     Alterna Caviar Overnight Hair Rescue: Yes, I slather this on before bed but I also work it through my hair about three other times over the course of the day. My hair drinks it up and it leaves no residue.

2.     Satin pillowcase: When I’m tossing and turning in bed, I can practically hear my hair dragging along my pillowcase. A satin pillowcase prevents unwanted friction (and breakage).

3.     Keratin Complex Blondeshell Enhance High Shine Brightening Oil: Packed with a blend of botanical oils that hydrate and prevent breakage, this is my post-blowdry go-to for smoothing fuzzy ends and adding a bit of shine.

4.     Phyto Phytoplage Protective Sun Oil: The husband and I took a night away this past weekend, and if there was only one thing I could bring in my beach bag it would have been this oil. The last thing my hair needs is to be further fried by the sun, and this oil shields strands from UV rays as it hydrates. And since it’s an oil, it’s water resistant—but not that I’d EVER expose my hair to chlorine.

5. Unite Moisturizing Repair: I wouldn’t dare wash my hair without using a deep conditioner in lieu of regular conditioner. This one is fabulous.

I was happy to learn that if I want to keep my hair this color it will NOT require half the day when I’m due for a touch-up. Apparently the upkeep is as simple as popping in for a one-hour root bleach and toner every four weeks. I think I can handle that. And since my amazing colorist Alex left today for a month in L.A. (have fun, girl!), I already booked my appointment for the week she gets back.

So tell me… Do think platinum is worth all the upkeep?

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