Special care for super-blonde hair

Taking your hair to the peak of blondeness (a.k.a. platinum) is a commitment. Not only are you signing up for color appointments that take hours (sometimes requiring a return trip to get it just right), you’re also spending some serious money since upkeep involves trips to the salon at least once a month. Protecting this investment becomes part of your daily routine (i.e. deep conditioning, applying oil to the end to prevent breakage), and your choice of shampoo and conditioner takes on a new level of importance. So if you’re brazenly blonde, I suggest you pick up L’Oreal’s new EverPure Blonde.

As anyone with platinum hair knows, there’s a little thing called brassiness that makes your color look a bit off. Caused by sun, oxidation (yep, the same free-radical damage that causes wrinkles), hard water, sweat, salt water and chlorine, a brassy tinge is relatively easy to prevent and correct—and the EverPure Blonde system does it in one use thanks to three simple steps.

First (and second), shampoo and condition with this purple-hued products. The purple helps neutralize brassiness—and the paraben- and sulfate-free formulas keep hair happy, healthy and hydrated. Third, use the Shade Reviving Treatment weekly. A deep-conditioner and color-booster in one, this trio ensures your blonde looks its best longer!

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