Longer, lusher lashes without extensions

I’m always up for trying a new lash serum, especially when it promises longer, darker lashes in a matter of a few weeks. These products run the gamut from prescription to mass, with plenty of prestige options in between, and in most cases they rely on peptides and conditioning ingredients to kick-start lash growth and deliver more alluring eyelashes.

The latest lash serum to find its way to the IBB Testing Lab (i.e. my bathroom) is Primo Lash, and as I mentioned, it’s formulated with peptide technology, vitamin E and vitamin B5—and NO parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, dyes or gluten. The company’s testing has shown that 77% of users see longer lashes and 63% see darkening of the lashes, simply by applying like liquid eyeliner at bedtime.

I was all over Primo Lash for the first few nights after it arrived, and then I totally spaced on it—but writing this reminded me to put it front and center on my countertop. Stay tuned for updates!

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