A new treatment just for “cool” blondes

So yes, I’m still platinum and I have to admit that it’s easier (and less expensive) to maintain than highlights. I went for a root touch-up this week, and instead of the almost 5 hours I spent at the salon last time, I was in and out in 2—and the bill was lower than I expected. The main difference between platinum and highlight maintenance is timing… When you’re platinum, you have to go every four weeks like clockwork, or else you’re roots will be too far gone and you’ll have to start over. So with that said, I booked my next appointment before I left the salon. 

Platinum doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone, so Alex and I always have an in-depth convo before she heads for the bleach. After being a “warm,” golden blonde forever, these days I’m all about a “milky” hue, which is considered “cool” because of blue undertones. Aside from the slew of purple shampoos I’ve come to rely on to keep brassiness at bay, I need to try Pureology’s new Perfect 4 Platinum Cool Blonde Enhancing Treatment.

Essentially a color-depositing deep conditioner, the gel-cream consistency melts into the hair and surrounds each strand with color-preserving, hair-softening and strand-smoothing ingredients. Now that I use a deep conditioner instead of regular conditioner every time I wash (which is only twice a week), this one is definitely going on the to-get list. And if you want to get your hands on it too, you can find a retailer here!

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