Summer skincare made simple

My son started camp yesterday, which means I’m on a new schedule—and it always takes me a few days to get into my new morning groove. Come summer, I usually scale back my skincare routine because the oppressive heat and humidity makes we want to keep things light. After cleansing with my Foreo in the morning, I’ve whittled by regimen down to two products: iS Clinical Super Serum and Hada Labo Protecting Day Lotion. And my skin gets everything it needs from this dynamic duo.

You’d think that a mega-moisturizer with SPF 30 would be thick and heavy, but in this case you’d be wrong. This super-lightweight, almost fluid-y hydrator smoothes on and sinks in almost instantly, leaving no grease, shine or residue behind. My makeup glides on over it, and because it’s oil-free I don’t have to worry about breakouts. And if you’re wondering how an oil-free moisturizer can be so insanely hydrating, it’s because Hada Labo’s products are formulated with Super Hyaluronic Acid, which is actually a combination of three forms of hyaluronic acid. This HA complex delivers long-lasting hydration so your skin doesn’t get thirsty mid-day, and the SPF has me more than adequately covered for whatever running around I have to do during the day.

Ideal for anyone who wants to keep their morning skincare regimen lean and mean, this multitasker offers the benefits of moisturizer and sunscreen in one simple step!

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