This makeup remover changes EVERYTHING

We’ve all been there… You’re beyond tired (or tipsy) and you can’t just be bothered with removing your makeup before you fall into bed. But we all this is a major beauty no-no. Makeup-removing wipes are great in theory, but I know first-hand how it can take two or even three of them to get it all off, and then washing with a real cleanser is usually necessary to remove the residue. But what if I told you that you can remove every last trace of makeup just with a wet washcloth? It takes a very special washcloth to do this, so meet the Makeup Eraser!


I honestly don’t know how I’ve lived without this all these years… This super-plush cloth has two sides—one with a short “nap” and one with a shaggier “nap”—and FOR REAL, all you have to do is wet it and use circular motions to wipe off your makeup with the shorter side. (If you’re up for it, use the longer-nap side to exfoliate.) You’ll see all of your makeup (including waterproof mascara) right there in front of your eyes, but don’t worry about it staining… Miraculously, all of it comes out with regular machine washing (and drying)—no special care required! 

Not only does the Makeup Eraser make washing up a breeze, imagine how much money you’ll save when you’re not stocking up on makeup remover, cotton pads, cleansing cloths, etc. 

Who’s in?

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