This makeup bag changes EVERYTHING

I don’t travel all that often these days, but when I do I totally stress because packing light is not my forte. I also tend to pack days in advance, which inadvertently leads to adding more and more to my suitcase as my departure date nears. My makeup is definitely part of the problem (unless we’re taking a family vacation that involves amusement parks and chain-restaurant dining since that requires little to no regard for my appearance), but now I can feel free to pack many, many options thanks to Kusshi, which might be the best thing that’s ever happened to packing and traveling.

More than a makeup bag, this organization system is designed for your actual cosmetics and brushes, and it can be tailored for a day at work, a night on the town or a week (or more) away. A few of the highlights…

  • It’s completely washable in the event of a spill.
  • The makeup bag opens on three sides so you can see just about everything without digging around. (You can also open the top only if you’re in a car or on a train and don’t want everything all over the place.)
  • The brush organizer can snap into the makeup bag, or be kept separate in the brush organizer cover.
  • The brush organizer cover doubles as a clutch for all of your essentials.
  • There’s a special ventilated pocket for your BeautyBlender (and you can even stash it in there when it’s damp).

I decided that “mock” packing would be the best way to illustrate the sheer genius of Kusshi, so here’s all the stuff I pulled for my imaginary trip (which would involve a nighttime affair that required extra makeup).


BEFORE (with the brushes separate and in the makeup bag)…




And just when I thought there was NO WAY the brushes would fit in the bag with all my makeup… THEY DID!


You can order your very own Kusshi through their Kickstarter campaign, which has already met its fundraising goal (and there are still 27 days to go!). The estimated ship date may be December 2016, but it’s well worth the wait!