IBB Splurge: "The Lip" Brush by Kevyn Aucoin

When shopping for makeup, I don’t usually ask prices before pulling the trigger, because I have a pretty good idea of what a single shadow, palette or lipstick is going to run me. Brushes, on the other hand, are a different story. A small shadow brush from a prestige brand might hover around $20, while a blush brush may go up to the $30-$40 range. But (as I’ve learned), step up from that $40 blush brush to a bronzer brush, and you could be looking at $70. Despite this knowledge, I was caught off guard when I purchased “The Lip” Brush by Kevyn Aucoin Beauty, but after a little bout of buyer’s remorse I came to see this as worth the splurge.

I rarely used a lip brush until I started wearing Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks, because if Charlotte says it’s best applied with a brush, then that’s what you do (and you buy hers of course). Though perfect for home use, Charlotte’s brush poses a portability issue, so naturally I needed something to throw in my bag when I go out.

I found myself at Space NK that very day, so I was thrilled when they showed me Kevyn’s retractable brush. Way chicer than something with a cap that was bound to fall off in my bag (or get lost), I didn’t hesitate to say, “I’ll take it.” Then I saw the $38 price when the saleswoman scanned it. Then I had a minor anxiety attack.

I seriously contemplated returning it until I was getting ready to go out that night. I slipped the brush into my clutch, and was surprisingly happy when I remembered I had it later on in the evening. Upon unearthing it from my vintage Fendi, I felt oh-so fancy when a little push revealed the pristine brush. (And I felt a sense of relief when I pulled it shut, knowing that the lip color wouldn’t be all over the inside of my bag when I got home.)

Last week I busted out the brush before a meeting and it wasn’t working correctly. I was beyond upset, not only because I spent so much money on it, but because I have come to rely on this tool for a perfectly-made-up pout while out and about. I stopped by Space NK the next day to see if they could help. I inquired about a replacement but that wasn’t an option since I bought the brush back in May. Then the saleswomen performed some sort of twist and click miracle, and the brush was fixed—and all was well in the world once again.

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