One of the most buzzed about beauty launches of 2014

I’m not one for year-end roundups, but there’s no denying that certain launches, campaigns and celebrity haircuts make their mark. Beyond Gisele’s Chanel No. 5 “film” and Beyonce’s short-lived bob, the skincare world was aflutter with the launch of Glossier. This tightly edited range features four simple products (if you don’t count the limited-edition metallic eyeliners for holiday) created by Emily Weiss, the wildly successful blogger behind—and everyone in the beauty-know clamored to get them, including myself.

These days, it’s hard to make a splash unless you’re already known in the beauty world, but an engaging digital campaign certainly helps. Glossier launched exclusively online, and has kept it that way except for a few pop-ups in New York and Los Angeles, and it’s Glossier’s Instagram that continues to help the brand gain momentum. Every order comes with a set of stickers so you can customize your products, and if you take a quick glance at the Glossier feed, you’ll see people are decorating their faces, dogs, computers and cell phones with them as well. (My package also came with a lighter, which helps me remember to light a candle when I’m getting ready in a leisurely fashion.)

Now onto the Phase 1 Set (which begs the question, will there be a Phase 2???)…

Priming Moisturizer: Billed as a buildable hydrating crème, you can apply as much or as little of this simple moisturizer as you want to meet your skin’s needs. There are no anti-aging bells or whistles, but you do get an anti-redness complex and a lovely, juicy canvas for the next product…

Perfecting Skin Tint: In the world of Glossier, the Priming Moisturizer and Perfecting Skin Tint are all you need for a fresh, dewy complexion. However in the real world (of a 38-year-old, at least), you may need a little more help. The Skin Tint is a super-lightweight tinted fluid that is definitely the most un-makeupy makeup ever. It is beyond sheer, yet it helps even out minor discoloration and leaves skin with a glowy finish. Personally, I get the best result when I use it over a primer that has a bit of coverage as well, and of course I top it off with undereye concealer and some brightener around my nose. 

Balm Dot Calm: This hydrating salve just about does it all… Use it on your lips, cuticles, dry spots, you name it—and let the blend of castor seed oil, beeswax, lanolin, cupuacu fruit extract, rice bran and rosemary leaf extract soothe, smooth and condition your skin. (Word has is the Olden twins are obsessed with it.) 

Soothing Face Mist: I LOVE a good rosewater spray, and I’ll admit that this one kicked my Jurlique to the curb. I have the bottle on my desk for when I need a little refreshing (or procrastinating), and it works wonders for reviving midday makeup. I’m also enjoying it between each step of my DIY facials.

It may be too late to get your hands on Glossier in time for Christmas, but there’s enough 2014 left to make it your own—and say that you were an early adopter. And if anything, just looking at the products on your vanity (or playing with the stickers) will start your 2015 off with a smile. 

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