A dermatologist in the palm of your hand

How annoying is it that it can take more than two months to get an appointment with your dermatologist? And when you get there, you can be sitting in the waiting room for over an hour before you get called in. This is because dermatologists are in short supply. (I hope my six-year old son reads this and gets the hint.) So what can we do if we suddenly wake up with a rash or something that looks funky? Download the new Klara app and the doctor is in! 

The fact is, 90% of skin issues can be diagnosed with a photo—and 70% of these diagnoses can be treated with a prescription, which doesn’t require an office visit. That’s why Dr. Simon Lorenz created Klara, which gives anyone instant access to a board-certified dermatologist for just $39. (The app will refund this charge if the derm is unable to evaluate your problem.) You don’t need insurance, and you can rest assured that if an office visit is in order, the derm you consult with will let you know. Talk about a major stress- and time-saver!

So tell us… Would you give this app a shot?

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