This styling wand delivers just the type of wave you want

We don’t want to wear the same outfit every day, so why would we want to commit to the same hairstyle week after week? Yes, long, loose waves are the look du jour, but perhaps you want to focus on shorter layers one day and the full length of your hair the next. I’m sure you’ll agree that buying multiple curling irons isn’t the most practical (or economic) solution, which is why you might want to make room for Remington’s Ultimate Styling Teardrop Wand.

Essentially the curling iron without the metal clamp (which prevents the telltale kink when you accidentally wind up your hair in the wrong direction), this wand’s teardrop-shaped barrel is the easiest way to get natural-looking waves—because no one wants to wind up looking like Shirley Temple. (This has actually happened to me, and let’s just say that my husband and I had one of our best laughs in recent history.)

But wait… This wand is no one-hit wonder. You can change up your look simply by switching barrels, as the extra-long and cone-shaped attachments see below are also available (and sold separately).

A few words to the wise: If you’re a curling iron novice, I suggest mastering your skills with a tool that has a clamp before moving on to a wand like this. Yes, it comes with a heat-proof glove to protect your hands from the heat, but if you’re anything like me and intimidated by curling irons, trust me. (I think hairstyling tools can smell fear.)

Other features of this styling wand include ceramic coating for extra shine and 30-second heat-up, but the real standout is the interchangeable barrels that let you create the look you want without the need for multiple tools. Happy styling!

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