Does your hair need antioxidants?

There’s no disputing that antioxidants are essential for protecting our skin from the free radical damage that leads to visible signs of aging and skin cancer. Actually, antioxidants play a role in keeping each and every cell in our bodies healthy and functioning properly. Recently I’ve been seeing more and more hair products touting protective antioxidants, so I started wondering if this could really benefit our strands. 

To get the scoop, I reached out to Miami dermatologist, Dr. Leslie Baumann. Her response: “The hair is dead, so the only benefit of antioxidants in these products is preserving hair color by preventing oxidation of the pigments.” If you color or highlight your hair, this is good news, and here are a few products that can help keep your color looking vibrant longer…

Salon Grafix Professional Freezing Hairspray: In addition to mega-hold, this hairspray contains antioxidant vitamins A, B5, C and E to shield your hair from the elements.

Paul Mitchell Color Protect Locking Spray: This lightweight mist is formulated with antioxidant-rich sunflower oil and UV-blocking ingredients to keep your color true.

Phytoplage Protective Sun Oil: My personal favorite for beach and pool days, this oil doubles as sun protection and a deep-conditioning treatment. I never have fun in the sun without it (and it’s already packed for my Jamaica trip)!

Just remember that although these products are fabulous, you should also wear a hat for maximum sun protection—both for your hair and your face!

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