A whole new kind of hair accessory

I keep a close eye on hair trends, and there’s no shortage of embellishment options this spring… From streaks of bold color to the rose-gold hue I’m seriously considering trying out, I’m going out on a limb here and saying hair art is the new nail art. I know these trends might not be for everyone, especially if you’re over, say, 30, but you have to see Charmsies Hair Charms.

Seen here on actress Bella Thorne, think of Charmsies as jewelry for your hair. Available in designs ranging from hearts and stars to rhinestones and studs (which would definitely be my design of choice), they’re super-easy to apply and remove, without damaging your hair.

As you can see above, you trim your sheet of Charmsies to fit the area of hair you’d like to bedazzle. After you peel off the white backing, place the sticky side on your hair. Then use your flat iron on medium heat for four to six seconds to activate the adhesive, peel back the sticker and voila, you’re done. And removal is ever easier… All you have to do is apply conditioner and comb them out (or you can use oil to loosen the adhesive).

So do you think you’ll try Charmsies, or do you have your eye on another hair trend for spring?