All antioxidants are NOT created equal

Not to get all science-y on you guys, but when it comes to antioxidant products, some are better than others. In fact, there are a select few that are the best of the best, simply because they have real science and real clinical testing to back up and prove their claims. Vitamin C is lauded as the most effective ingredient for fighting free radical damage, and in a nutshell, in order for an antioxidant to penetrate, scientists and dermatologists agree that there are a few specific formulation parameters necessary to ensure a vitamin C antioxidant can do its job. Rather than bog you down with the details, I’ll make it easy and tell to just stick to SkinCeuticals for your topical antioxidants, and you can rest assured you’re getting products that will work.

Full disclosure: I do some freelance work for SkinCeuticals, which makes it a lot easier (read: less expensive) for me to stock my cabinet with their products—but with that said, I’d pay full-price without batting an eye. While everything is fabulous, the antioxidants are the cornerstone of the brand, and I wouldn’t imagine starting the day without my Phloretin CF Gel. The main job of a topical antioxidant is to neutralize the free radicals that cause premature skin aging (and skin cancer), so when you use a topical antioxidant along with SPF every day, you’re skin gets the most environmental protection possible. Another great thing about these antioxidants is that they also help improve things like dullness, fine lines and discoloration as they shield your skin from future damage.

Antioxidants for morning use are nothing new, but SkinCeuticals recently launched Resveratrol BE, the first antioxidant designed to help your skin repair itself at night. Instead of vitamin C, this serum contains resveratrol, which is the subject of a lot of buzz these days thanks to research that shows it helps extend the lifespan of healthy cells. One of the first products to utilize this ingredient, I absolutely love the texture, it absorbs fast, and fits in easily to whatever skincare regimen I decide on for a given night. Believe me, I’ll take all the extra help for my skin I can get, and this one’s a winner.

Take it from me… The science and studies don’t lie. If you’re serious about your skin, I recommended spending your skincare budget on topical antioxidants like these, and saving your pennies by using less expensive (yet still effective) moisturizers, sunscreens and such. And guess what… I bet your dermatologist would agree.

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