Erase redness in an instant

I’ve never really had an issue with facial redness, but alas, with time, I find myself with a bit of rosiness more often than not. I have one stubborn spot on the side of my nose, and after in-office broadband light treatments didn’t help, I now get it zapped with the electric needle when I go to the derm for a skin check every six months. This is only a temporary fix (I know the only solution will be a few laser treatments), so I’ve been trying a few concealing options, and the only one that keeps this spot under wraps is Maybelline’s Cover Stick Corrector Concealer, specifically the green corrector shade.

It might seem strange to apply a green product, but with a little blending the color disappears—taking the redness along with it. The creamy formula completely covers this spot for hours, but since it’s right where my sunglasses sit, touch-ups are often necessary throughout the day. I actually apply it over my tinted moisturizer or foundation (and top with a little translucent powder when I use it after dark), and frankly, this $5 stick might help me put off spending the $1,000 for the laser treatment for at least a while.

To further fight my occasional blushing (before dropping a significant chunk of change on the aforementioned laser treatments), I’ve also started using SkinCeuticals’ Redness Neutralizer… I’m working on a dedicated post about my latest SkinCeuticals acquisitions (spoiler: They all rock!) so stay tuned for all the details!

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