It smells like a crayon, but covers red like no other

I’m not really sure when my whole broken blood vessel thing started, but it’s slowly climbed its way to the top of the I-Wish-It-Would-Go-Away List (along with one or two other unsavory beauty issues I’d just rather not deal with). My first memory was one particular dot on my chest that my derm zapped with an electric needle before my wedding. Just like that it was gone—only to reappear about 6 months later. Fast-forward 7 years, and that one on my chest has been joined by others, and I now have one on the side of my nose where my sunglasses sit. I get it zapped every time I go to the derm (which is every 6 months for a full-body check), and it reappears faster and faster with each treatment. I know that the only sure-fire way to get rid of it forever is with a laser, I always manage to find something else to spend the money on. (And SkinCeuticals Redness Neutralizer offered enough improvement while I was using it, hence putting this issue on the back burner for a while.)

But just because I’m not thinking about the ultimate solution, that doesn’t mean I want the world to see this red spot. So I headed over to CVS in search of a quick fix. I’m not really one to start mixing concealers to create the perfect shade, and let’s just say the color-correction options at the drugstore are a bit limited. That basically left me with Maybelline Cover Stick Corrector/Concealer in Green—which may be the best 4 bucks I ever spent on beauty. It’s thick enough to stay put, it’s super-blendable, and the green of the makeup and red of the broken blood vessel cancel each other out. So with just a little dab, my spot is rendered invisible. (By the way, it’s also great for neutralizing redness caused by waxing, plucking, picking and other facial assaults.)

OK, I do have to touch-up throughout the day due to prolonged sunglass wearing. Yes, the coverage washes off. But are those tradeoffs worth saving the money I’d spend on a laser treatment so I could, say, buy a pair of shoes? Absolutely.

Do you have a powder in your cleansing arsenal?