An all-natural deodorant that really works

We don’t talk about body odor all that much, but it’s something we deal with every day through the simple act of applying deodorant. This essential personal care product (specifically the anti-perspirant part) is the subject of a lot of scrutiny, with some people saying it causes breast cancer (fact: this has never been proven) and others who fret conventional deo/anti-perspirant prevents the body from performing its natural function. So if you prefer to err on the side of caution with a natural-based deo, check out Primal Pit Paste.

This line of high-performance anti-BO products uses food-grade ingredients to keep you feeling and smelling fresh. Available in five strengths (“sensitive,” “very light,” “light,” “regular” and “strong”) and spray, stick and cream formulations in a variety of scents, these products are made with arrowroot powder to absorb moisture and baking soda to neutralize odor-causing bacteria.

In addition to deodorant, Primal’s other Paleo-approved personal-care products include toothpaste powder, gum serum/breath freshener, body powder, lip balm and body lotion in a stick. We know cavemen weren’t worrying about the ingredients they were slathering on their skin, and now you don’t have to either!

Restore your strands to their pre-summer state