An eye cream worth investing in

We get a lot of products over here at IBB, and in addition to the closet full of products in our office, we have a (not-so) secret stash under the bathroom sink. We recently dipped into our stockpile when we were in need of an eye cream, and although he had forgotten it was there, we were excited to stumble upon ZO Skin Health’s Olluminate Eye Repair.

This supercharged treatment is packed with all the anti-aging ingredients you’d want in an eye cream. There’s retinol to speed cell turnover, peptides to boost collagen production, optical diffusers to make those dark circles less apparent instantly, anti-inflammatories to send puffiness on its way, and protective antioxidants to prevent further skin damage.

More of a balm than a cream, this treatment visibly smoothed our fine lines upon contact—and our skin drank it up. Because of its rich texture, we thought for sure it would leave too much residue for pre-makeup use in the morning, but we were wrong! This was possibly one of our best finds of late, and we wish we had rediscovered it sooner!