This super-charged eye cream has all of your needs covered

My eyes have seen better days… Between stress, lack of sleep and lots of tears recently, puffiness and dark circles have become a mainstay. As luck would have it, StriVectin’s new Intensive Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles arrived at the perfect time, and I’ve actually seen some real improvement in just one week.

Yes, this anti-ager targets those pesky crow’s feet with skin-strengthening NIA-114 technology that helps keep plumping moisture in the skin—but it also does a lot more. A marine-based extract helps kickstart your skin’s natural collagen production for continued improvement in lines over time, and caffeine swoops in to flush away the excess fluid that leads to a puffy appearance. As if that weren’t enough, optical diffusing pigments instantly brighten darkness and shadows so you look more alert and awake (even if you’re not). And you get all this in a silky-smooth formula that absorbs in a flash and plays nicely with makeup that follows.

I give this eye cream an A+, and if you want to do something about all of the above eye concerns with just one product, put this one at the top of your shopping list!

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