This high-tech eye serum deserves a closer look

If you keep up on the latest plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatology news, you surely know that stem cells are the subject of a lot of buzz. If you don’t, the big thing about stem cells is that stem cells derived from fat (after it’s lipo-sucked out) have been found to have some pretty incredible rejuvenating effects. Some plastic surgeons and dermatologists may be skeptical about skincare that contains stem cells, and this is for a few reasons. Most stem-cell skincare products contain stem cells derived from apples or other plants, and these don’t act the same way as the cells extracted from fat. But that’s where NuGene Eye Serum differs…

The scientists at NuGene has figured out a way to mass-produce fat-derived human stem cells and harness their power to help improve fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, dryness and dark circles. To put it simply, the blend of stem cells, human growth factors and cytokines increases the production of epithelial cells that protect the skin from UV exposure and bacteria, fibroblasts that produce collagen and elastin, and hyaluronic acid that keeps skin plump and smooth. This high-tech formula also uses nano-capsule technology to enhance penetration and protect the potency of these ingredients until they arrive at their destination.

Before I cracked open the bottle, I wondered how it would smell, since growth factor products tend to have a funky odor. (I know some people who can’t step within 10 feet of one of these products, but fortunately I can tolerate it.) To my surprise, there was no such scent, and I was greeted by a luxurious fragrance instead. The serum itself is more serum-y than liquidy, and it absorbs rather quickly. I definitely noticed improvement in the overall appearance of my eye area after just one use, and I did a side-by-side back-of-the-hand test to confirm. The product certainly left my skin smoother, more hydrated and younger-looking over all.

NuGene (which was created in conjunction with Kathy Ireland—and who wouldn’t want to look like her?) also offers a cleanser, a facial serum, moisturizer and discoloration treatment with the same regenerative technology. Would you give them a try?

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