A new way to step up your brow game

In case you haven’t noticed, bold brows are in, but if you’re challenged in this department you probably don’t want to hear it. As it stands, there are only a few ways to add density and definition to thin, sparse brows and none of them are perfect. Pencil is two-dimensional, powders and gels can’t ready adhere to hairs that don’t exist, and permanent makeup is, well, permanent. Enter a new product from Australia: Cherry Blooms Instant Fiber Eyebrow Builder Kit.

This unique brow builder combines colored powder with teeny-weeny fibers that act like individual hairs to create the illusion of beautiful brows—and all you have to do is brush them on. Each kit comes with 3 stencils (thin, thick and natural) to ensure both sides match—just make sure to match the placement—and the powder and fibers stay put until you wash them off with soap and water. Instant Fiber Brows are available in 4 shades to match all natural brow colors from blonde to black.

So if you’ve overplucked or your brows have gotten thinner over time, this is a great way to instantly get your brows on (literally).

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