An under-the-radar skincare line that’s well worth a try

To be a true beauty junkie, you need to be willing to experiment. Sure, you can stick to names you know, but some of my favorite products of all time were discovered on a whim. And when you approach your beauty routine with a bot of adventure, you’re bound to stumble upon a gem or two from time to time, and I’m happy I took a chance on Definitions Skincare.

I was a bit reluctant when an unsolicited package arrived on my doorstep, but after trying a handful of Definitions’ products, I would definitely recommend them. Perhaps my favorite is the Fruit Acid Cleansing Crème. With a rich texture and delicious fruity scent, this super-gentle cleanser does an amazing job at exfoliating without being too aggressive on the skin. After washing, my skin was so soft and radiant I didn’t even need the Deep Cleansing Scrub Refiner—but this microbead-packed skin-smoother took that supple feel and healthy glow to another level.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the Eyes Age Reversal. These somewhat odd-looking patches were just what the dermatologist ordered after a late night out with the girls the evening before, and they deliver a cooling, tightening sensation on contact. After 10 minutes, my undereye bags and puffiness were history, and I was ready to face the day.

I rounded out my Definitions regimen with the Gene Therapy Moisturizer, and this advanced peptide-infused hydrator more than quenched my skin’s thirst thanks to the rich, creamy texture. From there, the Multipeptide Eyefirm was the finishing touch my eye area needed, and despite the major hydration it did not interfere with my makeup.

Definitions also offers a variety of targeted serums, masks and a full range of supercharged bodycare products (including body polish, anti-cellulite cream and a vanilla/almond-scented body lotion I’d love to get my hands on). There are also professional-grade products (aestheticians, take heed) and makeup, which is somewhat rare from a skincare line.

Needless to say, taking a chance on Definitions definitely paid off. If you’re in the market for a new skincare product or two, why not make it a bit of an adventure?

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