Be prepared for cold sore season

Ok, cold sores might not be the sexiest topic, but they’re a fact of life for more than 50 percent of us. When I told a friend that I didn’t think I ever had one, she told me that if I had I’d totally know (which reminded me of a similar conversation about orgasms with a friend of mine in high school—but I digress). So with that, I personally haven’t experienced the tingling, pain and resulting sore caused by this common virus—but I can still recommend Carmex Cold Sore Treatment for those who battle these little demons from time to time.

I’m sorry to report there’s still no cure for cold sores, but this product makes the healing process a heck of a lot better (and more attractive). In addition to 10% benzocaine that instantly relieves pain and itching, this silky-smooth formula combines three different optical illusion technologies that make the sore dramatically less visible. The first bends light as it approaches your lip, the second helps improve the uneven texture, and the third creates the illusion of more even color (without having to load on makeup).

My advice: Pick up one of these ASAP so you’re armed and ready the next time a cold sore pays you a visit. You’ll thank me later.

An under-the-radar skincare line that’s well worth a try