Another luxury lip balm to try (and buy!)

I’m sorry (not really), but I’m not one of those people who can slather Vaseline or Chapstick on my lips and call it a day. Maybe I have particularly high standards, or maybe I’ve been spoiled after all these years in the beauty biz, but I can say that not all lip balms are created equal (and I’ve tried so many I can confidently make this statement).

I know a good lip balm from the second I apply it. It’s thick, but not sticky, and it leaves a bit of glossy sheen behind. It does not absorb instantly (that somewhat defeats the purpose) and it’s not too slippery. When I got Orlane’s Magnificent Lip Balm in my Neiman Marcus Camp Gorgeous gift tote last week (reviews of the Chanel purchases that got me this gift bag are on the way!) I tried it out with this checklist in hand (or in my head, rather) and it passed with flying colors. In fact, I just made a quick run into my bathroom to use it again!

The micronized hyaluronic acid moisturizes lips on contact, and actually creates a film to lock hydration in. It also has a slightly pink tint for a natural finish and the sweet, candy-like flavor is truly a treat. The deluxe-size sample I received keeps going and going, and I would seriously consider purchasing the full-size when I run out—it’s that good.

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