Airbrush your roots (and sparse brows) away

It was a big deal when Temptu launched their airbrush makeup system, and it quickly because the professional and amateur go-to for flawless foundation (and bronzer, blush and highlighter). This innovative makeup delivery system delivers truly customizable coverage, and with hydrating ingredients and high-quality pigments, the actual formulas themselves are fantastic.

But your face and body were just the beginning, because Temptu has found another way to take advantage of this technology, and set their sights on your hair. The new Airbrush 24-Hour Root Touch-Up and Hair Color lets you apply color precisely where you want it to conceal roots, grays and even fill in your brows. Available in seven shades, this isn’t like tinted dry shampoo or other root touch-up products you may have tried. It’s virtually weightless, non-greasy, transfer-resistant and enriched with vitamins to keep your hair shiny and soft rather than matte and stiff. (And it easily washes out with shampoo.)

Perfect for those days when you wake up and realize you need to get the salon pronto, this system helps you stretch the time between color appointments, so the $287 investment can certainly pay for itself over time. Would you give it a try?

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If you don’t want major look-at-me lashes, don’t read this post