Got roots? Make them vanish!

Come on, you know this has happened to you… You go to bed with your color looking perfectly fine, and then—BAM—you wake up the next morning and you have roots. Not like, I can get away with my hair looking a little dirty roots, like Full-on, I need to take care of this TODAY roots. Seriously, we just don’t get it. When this happens, our colorist is inevitably out of town or booked through the next week, so we have no other choice than to wear a hat. For DAYS. But not anymore…


Direct from Japan comes Root Vanish by Kazumi, so you already have a pretty good idea of what it does. Like cover-up for your roots (gray included), this lightweight gel covers regrowth in an instant—and actually stains gray hair and lighter hues after a few uses to really stretch the time between color appointments. There’s no residue, it won’t rub off, and it will even stand up to a Flywheel class so long as you allow it to dry thoroughly. (A blowdryer can cut the recommended seven minutes in half). It should be applied to dry hair before final styling, so we say blow-dry your hair after washing, use Root Vanish, and then continue with straightening, curling and other finishing touches. Oh, and in addition to hiding roots, it contains 22 Asian botanicals to keep your hair healthy.

Full disclosure: We did not actually try this product, since a hue to match our super-light blonde won’t be out until next year. (Currently, there are shades for black, dark brown, light brown, and blonde.) But we did play with it… After a few clicks of the pen, the gel begins to come out of the somewhat-stiff bristle brush. The gel is transparent yet tinted, and you apply it around your hairline, in your part, or anywhere else you want to camouflage regrowth.

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