How to get your Halloween makeup off

We have a hard enough time getting all our eye makeup off after a regular Saturday night, so we could only imagine trying to remove a theatrical-grade look. (Reason #345 for not dressing up.) Trust us when we say that excessive rubbing and scrubbing does more harm than good, so here are a few products that’ll help you wipe away every last trace of your Halloween makeup without aggravating your skin.

Eyes: We didn’t use eye makeup remover for, like, ever, because we had one too many bad experiences with the oil-based variety. Then we tried Klorane’s Soothing Eye Makeup Remover with Cornflower Water, and we haven’t looked back. There’s no stinging, no burning, no greasy mess, and no eye makeup once you’re through. It may take a few times to wipe everything away, but it’s well worth the effort. And if you have a problem getting everything off your lashline like we do, Salon Perfect Eye Makeup Corrector Sticks are the best (and they come in handy for mishaps that occur while you’re applying.

Face: If you’ve ever been to a M.A.C counter, you’ve seen how over-the-top some of those artists go, so it’s no wonder they have a truly effective way to get it all off.  Though a bit pricy at $20 for 45 (though you can get 100 for $29), these wipes clear away any makeup in their path, while being gentle on your skin. The smooth side can be used for eye makeup (even waterproof!) while the slightly textured side gives your face a bit of exfoliation as it clears skin of foundation, blush, fake blood, anything…

After removing heavy makeup (on Halloween or any night for that matter), you’re going to want to give your skin a thorough cleanse afterwards. To make absolutely sure you got all the makeup off, we recommend an oil-based cleanser that can emulsify anything left behind. We like DHC’s Deep Cleansing Oil because it’s suitable for all skin types—and no, it won’t make you break out!

Happy Halloween!

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