Correct eye makeup mistakes without starting over


There’s nothing more annoying than spending time getting our eye makeup just right, only to have it get messed up by rogue mascara or less-than-precise eyeliner. If you’ve ever tried to fix a boo-boo with a Q-Tip, you surely know it’s not the best solution, which leaves us with 2 options: Walking around with smudges and smears (and looking like a hot mess), or washing your face and starting over.

Fortunately, we came across Salon Perfect’s Eye Makeup Corrector Sticks, so it’s easy to clean up mistakes while leaving everything else intact. These tapered swabs are pre-moistened with remover, and the fine tip makes it easy to wipe away just the unwanted makeup—and nothing else. The remover itself is oil-free and water-based so you can just blot away any excess before touching up (if that’s even necessary), and they’re even gentle enough for those of us who wear contacts. Talk about a lifesaver!

P.S. We got a great tip from Tom Ford Beauty makeup artist Arlinda Monteiro last week… Do your eye makeup first (i.e. before foundation and undereye concealer) so you can easily clean up any excess shadow that falls on your face without messing up your base color. We can’t believe we’ve been making this mistake for so long!

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